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Silver & Pink Teddy Infant or Pet Brass Urn

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  • This stunning infant or pet sized brass urn is handmade by skilled artisans including the painting and carving of the intricate design.
  • The design of this urn has a silver mirrored finish with hand carved and painted intricate pink patterns all over it and a white hand carved and painted teddy bear featured in its centre.
  • The urn is made from solid brass ensuring it can be buried if desired as it will never degrade.
  • The urn measures approximately 4inches/10.1cm in length x 4inches/10.1cm in width x 5.5inches/14.4cm in height.
  • The capacity of the urn is 0.7L which is suitable for cremains of an infant or pet up to approximately 60lbs/27.2kg.
  • It has a threaded secure lid which will keep the ashes safely inside.
  • Each urn is handcrafted by skilled artisans which brings wonderful detail. As these are hand painted and hand crafted, they may differ making each one unique to you.